1. Hibernating (and then not.)

    Our appearance to the outside world is truly limited these days. You might think; this band haven’t been updating in a long time. They must be dead.

    Nope, we are surely alive, working on new songs - emphasize on the word¬†new.¬†We don’t know when we are ready - if ever, but we will definitely let you know!

    There are always exceptions to the rules. In this case, it is a show that will take place at KB18, Copenhagen on November 14th. We will play with none other than Zechs Marquise, a band that we very much indeed are looking forward to share stage with. They are so good that it’ll make your teeth hurt! Note that this will be the ONLY Obstacles show happening in a really long time. Don’t miss out on this!

    So long, suckers!